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A civilization of free beings enjoying unrestricted their unalienable rights, living in harmony with themselves, their fellows and their environment.


0. To open people's minds to the fact that something CAN be done about any situation. We don't have to remain the adverse effect, no matter how daunting the opponent or obstacles. Attaining this understanding will instantly cause them to feel better.

1. To orient people to a single, simple, positive, workable, practical doingness on which they can focus their attention,

2. To have an immediate and observable beneficial impact directly on the lives of every person who participates as well as those in their home and work environments,

3. To raise the intelligence, competence, efficiency, effectiveness and survival potential of each individual who participates and, as a result, the survival potential of the society as a whole,

4. To raise the willingness and desire of the participants to further increase their intelligence and competence,

5. To neutralize and negate any plans to bring disorder.


To create and maintain friendly relations with all constructive people.

To promote constructive solutions that will improve the individuals and build a better society.


To bring a progressively larger and larger amount of order into so many lives until the ideal is reached - a tipping point where, planet-wide, order completely overwhelms disorder and we have a sane, productive society. We each start small and close to home with disorders that are easily confronted and handled. We bring order in our immediate zone of influence then expand out to friends, relatives and communities on an increasing speed and scale of magnitude. We collectively increase the amount of order we bring to a wider and wider sphere until eventually enough disorder has blown off and we have attained our objective.


Primary article created

Web site created

Primary article translated to all major languages

Opinion Leaders advised and help enlisted

Personal Contacts advised and invited


To be advised to those involved.


To be advised to those involved.


To be advised to those involved.

Ideal Scene

A rapidly growing membership of people putting order into their lives and envirnment and sharing their wins with others who join the movvement and do the same.


Number of new members
Total number of members
Success stories received
Number of new translations posted to web site

Valuable Final Product

Competent people bringing order to their life and environment.